Evangelist Justin Helton

Born on November 6, 1988, Reverend Justin Helton has spent most of his life in the small, humble town of Ewing, VA. The morality of his character have been developed through the godly living of his proud parents and musicians, Ernie and Tammy Helton. With one older sibling, Joshua Helton, who is now a full-time musician at Freedom Christian Fellowship in London, Kentucky, his family has their vision fully set upon expanding the Kingdom of God in ministry.

Justin accepted Jesus as His personal LORD and Savior at the age of 6, and has been attending the church of his grandparents, Pastor Charles and Jerlene Long in Rose Hill, VA at Old Arthur’s Chapel Church, for nearly 15 years. After receiving his call in the ministry at 9 years young, he has served under his grandfather, growing and maturing in the gospel of Jesus Christ year after year. At 9, Justin was privileged to minister the gospel for the first time outside of his home church. The location was in Wallins Creek, KY in Harlan County at House of Mercy, whose pastor at that time was Rev. John Parks. Since that opportunity, God has opened many doors to minister across various regions of Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and Ohio, from behind pulpits, to prisons, to nursing homes and even to the public educational system. He has also had the great honor to preach overseas in the great nation of Kenya. Multitudes of people have been saved as a result of this ministry, and we pray and believe that God will give us millions for His Kingdom, reaping where we have sown and labored!

In March of 2005, during his sophomore year, Justin preached at Old Bell High School in Kentucky, where he produced his first DVD message, entitled, “Elevation:  Going to a New Level.” Shortly afterwards, he felt impressed by the Holy Spirit to have revival in his public high school, Thomas Walker. He told his father what the Lord had spoken to him, and he had no clue of what to do but to just have faith in God. So Ernie went to the Lee County school board, which claimed that as long as the principal approved, they would approve. The principal approved without any hesitation. In March of 2006, God sent a two-night revival to Thomas Walker High School. Many young people cried out to God for salvation as God performed a wondrous work, and in March of 2007, during Justin’s senior year, God would send another power packed, two-night revival!

After graduating from Thomas Walker, the next step in life was college, and God spoke to him through a prophetic word to move to Columbus, OH to attend World Harvest Bible College (now known as Valor Christian College), under world-renowned televangelist, Pastor Rod Parsley. In August of 2007, a new chapter of his life was opened as God would increase the knowledge of the Word and the Spirit of God greater in his life than ever before. This would continue until March of 2010, where Justin would graduate with an Associate of Science Degree in Pastoral and Church Leadership and be awarded the Pastoral Medal of Honor.

On October 9, 2008, God opened the door of opportunity for Justin and two other classmates to minister at one of the student chapels at the Bible College, which is very common. The messages that were delivered were humble, but yet saturated with the anointing. On that following Sunday night, October 12th, in the great Tabernacle of World Harvest Church, these three would tag team again and preach the Word of God. Having been given the most humble opportunity to minister the gospel at such a powerful church, Justin now has a powerful testimony of the great doors God can open in a blink of an eye, simply out of just being faithful to the calling of God!

While attending World Harvest, Justin would not only represent Jesus Christ behind the pulpit or in the classroom, but also on the basketball court. Under one of the most influential and inspiring women of God in his life, Coach Lisa Bradley, he would start as shooting guard in a Warriors uniform. After the Warriors had a learning and successful season, tragedy would strike on November 24, 2008. Since the beginning of his second season, Justin was struggling with a hip injury, but as he was jogging down the court, he would fall to the ground with a broken hip. No scientific or medical explanation has yet to explain such a horrific event.

Justin would be rushed to an emergency room in agonizing pain for the next two hours, without any form of pain medication. After being X-rayed, the doctor came in the room with devastating news. He said, “The greatest hope of success we can have is that we keep the hip and you walk with a short leg for the rest of your life. But if we do not keep the hip and we do a hip replacement, there is a significant chance that you will never be able to walk again for the rest of your life.” As Justin heard this, immediately the devil came by and began to speak, “You will preach from a wheelchair for the rest of your life.” However, the Spirit of the LORD rested upon him as his faith began to exceed all limitations, and he looked at the doctor with this response, “Doctor, I believe in a third report, and He will come through for me.” After the surgery took place, the doctor said to my coach, “God still answers prayers don’t he.” She responded, “Yeah, He sure does!” Just a few months later, Justin would be back on his feet and make the transition from a walker to a crutch to his own feet, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ with an even more powerful testimony of how great God really is!

In March of 2009, God would again open the door to preach in another public high school, Gate City. This three-day revival at this school was birthed out of a response to a week-long revival held in Duffield, VA at Speer’s Ferry Church, under the Pastoral Leadership of Johnny Duncan. During this revival, people were being saved, healed and delivered. Some of the testimonies that came out of that revival included healings of lung emphysema, prostate cancer and weakened vision. At the conclusion of that revival, I told the people what I remembered a preacher named Dwight Thompson say, “If you want revival, it begins with the young people.” Within the next week, God opened the doors of Gate City High School for the gospel, where in every service the altars were filled with people who needed salvation and deliverance in their lives!

In Justin’s final year at WHBC, he was unable to participate in athletics due to his previous hip injury. However, Coach Bradley asked him to be an assistant coach for that season. During that season, it appeared as though it was filled with multitudes of trials and troubles. Day after day, something new came against that team, but because they were Warriors, they refused to quit. After a successful season and winning the OACC conference tournament, they were preparing for the national tournament in Pittsburgh, PA. But devastating news would again come to the team, as church leadership would tell them that due to the financial struggles of the ministry that they would not be capable of sending them to the national tournament and their season was over. At that moment, many hearts were broken. What they had worked so hard for month after month seemed to just evaporate right before their eyes. But if there was one lesson that Coach Helton learned, it would be “all you need is faith”. God would speak to Coach Bradley in simple terms, “Go get the money.” In just a few short days, the team would raise the funds necessary to make this 5-day trip. They would enter that tournament ranked 7th in the USCAA out of ten teams. They would play four games in a row, beating the host team, the first and second ranked teams and a team that beat them twice in the season. They would come out with a testimony, using basketball as a tool to give God the glory, winning the 2010 USCAA National Championship!

With many testimonies of the hand of God upon his life, Justin Helton will remain unshakeable and unmovable for continuing of the work of God. On June 9, 2008, God birthed Skywatch Ministries, and it has continued and will continue to flourish and blossom for the glory of God! On July 30, 2011, Justin began a new chapter in his ministry as he married the love of his life, Jessica Montgomery. The wedding ceremony was held at Binghamtown Baptist Church in Middlesboro, Kentucky, where Pastor Jerry Lewis, overseer of Freedom Christian Fellowship in London, Kentucky, officiated the wedding. On April 14, 2013, Justin and Jessica humbly accepted the Youth Pastor position of Our Father’s House in Pineville, Kentucky under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Odie Carroll. They will continue in this youth ministry together and will continue to minister via evangelism where they reside in Ewing, Virginia!