Evangelist Brandon Salas

I am a firm believer that God plans out the path and course in which our lives are supposed to take. In some occasions our decision can seem to alter the course into a different direction. God in his sovereignty allows us to stay on that path in order to receive the glory that is a result of his hand miraculously moving in power and wonder. My name is Brandon Salas. I have been faithfully serving the Lord for almost seven years. My story has the same beginning as many other individuals who grew up in church. I was raised in a Christian home with Christian parents. Like many other children we were instructed in the ways of the Lord. I was saved when I was nine and have had a calling to preach the gospel since my early teenage years. My life was going great until certain circumstances changed the course of my life. By the age of fourteen I found myself drinking, addicted to drugs, pornography and being gang related. I never had the youth group experience because I turned my back on God. My family and life were a wreck, and the last thing I wanted to turn to was the Lord. I have been through the club scene, the drug scene, the parties, etc. It’s all the same regardless of what age you are. Death came knocking at my door more than once but failed take me.

My wakeup call came when I was 19 years old. I had a near death experience after experiencing an overdose that almost took my life. I experienced my soul going to Hell. It may sound farfetched, but I can see and feel the darkness and heat that I experienced almost as if happened yesterday. As I was experiencing death, all I could do was ask God to spare me from Hell. By his divine providence I survived to tell my story. A few weeks later I found myself at an altar humbled and broken in reconciliation unto the Lord. That day I made a promise to God. I promised that if He would become real to me, I would serve Him the rest of my life. He answered my prayer. I suddenly found my life in a fast forward motion. It is like if God sped up my life to make up for the lost years. I found myself in Bible College in August 2007 where I connected with my brother and dear friend Justin Helton. It is also where I met my beautiful wife. I graduated from World Harvest Bible College with an Associates in Pastoral Leadership in May 2010 and found myself accepting my calling to preach. I went on to further my education by enrolling in Ohio Christian University and recently graduated with a Bachelors in Business. In Fall of 2011 I was forever united in matrimony to my best friend Katie. Currently, I live in Ewing, Virginia and am serving under Justin and Skywatch Ministries as part of the board of Directors. I love Jesus, work hard, and preach the gospel that I dearly love. As I look back at where my life was at and move forward to the present, I cannot help but see God’s hand at work. I anticipate the future knowing that I am in the center of God’s will!