How Do We Remain United?

Matthew 12:25 says, “And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”
The devil’s main tactic is to steal the unity of the church. Once the church meddles in petty arguments, we are headed to complete and total failure. It is why we must remain unity with the same mission of pursuing the presence of God. How do we remain united? Here are some steps we should follow in order to maintain and sustain unity:
(1) We lay down offenses, or better yet, REPENT! We make amends and tell people were sorry, even if it means revealing things that the other person did not know that we had in our hearts. We may have to apologize for something we originally did not feel we were wrong in doing or saying, but we allow the Holy Spirit to search our hearts and give us the ability to shift our perspective to discover why it could have hurt someone else. 
(2) We align ourselves with the Pastor and leadership. We are not bucked up or divided, but we follow the vision of the house. What gets in the head gets in the body!
(3) We don’t play the blame game. In prayer, we take inventory of self to discover what we can do to change. We do not gossip about the issues (which only reveals our own heart issues), but we are determined to make a difference. 
(4) We discern between biased opinions and fundamental truths. We can derive to the wrong conclusions when we show favoritism to family and friends, even when they are in the wrong! 
(5) No one can be left behind! We encourage each other and love on people in the kingdom of God. We do not abandon our mission, but we focus on pulling people back into the fold. 
(6) We do not seek vain glory and selfish ambitions. Inspect your heart to recognize the true motives behind the things you do, in particular church and ministry. In fact, our desire is not the platform of the spotlight. It is for the shadow of the Almighty!
(7) As a kingdom-building church, we support others churches in the ministry, helping them with outreaches and gleaning from what they do right! We are not the top church to be or have the most superior anointing. We have much to learn, which should keep us very humble. 
(8) We cover each other in prayer. We must have each other’s back!
By loving our neighbor as ourselves, we are able to maintain unity. This love is not based on scheduled ministry outreaches, but it becomes a daily part of our lives when we loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. Everything flows from intimacy with Christ. Seeking His face is the answer to all things!