Upcoming Events


Our Father’s House – Pastor Odie Carroll

688 Hwy 66, Pineville, KY 40977

Justin Helton, who has accepted the Youth Pastor position at Our Father’s House, will be teaching weekly on Wednesday nights @ 7:00 p.m. to youth group at “The Furnace.” Brandon Salas has accepted the College and Career Pastor position, and he will be teaching that age group during the Wednesday services as well.

Bell County High School Revival

9824 US Hwy 25-E, Pineville, KY 40977

Skywatch Ministries will be joining with First Priority, formerly known as the Bell High Christian Club, on the campus of Bell County High School to host its first campus revival, and we are ecstatic! On Friday, March 23 @ 7:00 p.m., Austin Reynolds will be leading worship with Emily Napier, a Junior at Bell High, preaching the Word. On Saturday, March 24 @ 7:00 p.m., Savanna Lewis-Helton will be leading worship with Blake Ramey, a Sophomore at Bell High, preaching the Word. We ask that you would cover these meetings in prayer and invite the youth of the Tri-State area to come and join us in this glorious time. We are willing to work with the local church body to help us plug young people who come into a local church for discipleship and mentorship. If you would like to be able to volunteer, support or connect in some way, be sure to email Pastor Justin at rev_jrh32@hotmail.com!