Audio Sermon Archive

We are now beginning our weekly podcasts, and we hope that you thoroughly enjoy the ministering of God’s Word!

May 2018

The Battle With Depression is Over!

The Path to Reconciliation: The Healing of the Inner Man

March 2017

The Reasons for Unanswered Prayers

December 2016

Outreach vs. Loving Your Neighbor

October 2016

The Revelation of Jesus

September 2016

Your Spiritual Metal Detector

Oftentimes, people go to prayer just when they need something from God, but the fulness of prayer is the ability to hear from God and be obedient to His Word. It is developing a discernment to hear His voice and cancel out any false noises or senses that can distract us from uncovering the hidden treasures and mysteries of God’s presence! In this message, by using an illustration of a metal detector, Pastor Justin teaches how we are to pray and be sensitive to His voice so we know exactly of what we are searching!

June 2016

A Faceless and Nameless Generation

March 2016

The Foundations of Revival

December 2015

The Intercession of Heaven

The Prayer of Jabez