Kenya Missions Work

Under the leadership of Pastors Ken and Grace Shiku, Jubilee Harvest Church, presently located in Panama – Langas, Eldoret in the great nation of Kenya, was birthed in 1997. They have followed the glorious vision that God has given them to win multitudes to Jesus Christ, which has been no easy task. They have suffered significantly from multiple issues, which include the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Malaria, war, famine, a sound system used for crusades that was recently stolen, Post Election Violence and Tribal Fightings that have left approximately 250,000 homeless and hundreds dead, the city’s struggles with drug dealers, prostitutes, thugs, alcoholics and witch doctors, the scarcity of food, water and medical supplies that have caused children below the age of five to die daily from Malaria, and the Muslim persecution against Christians, especially in Northern Kenya. Then, in the same year, both of Pastor Ken’s parents and father-in-law passed away. These past three years of ministry have been trying and tragic, and yet, they still have their head lifted high, serving the LORD Jesus Christ with all of their hearts, soul, mind and strength. Today, God has graced us with the opportunity to team up with this phenomenal ministry and bless them in the work they are doing for the Kingdom of God! (link)