Kenya Missions Work

Under the leadership of Pastors Ken and Grace Shiku, Jubilee Harvest Church, presently located in Panama – Langas, Eldoret in the great nation of Kenya, was birthed in 1997. They have followed the glorious vision that God has given them to win multitudes to Jesus Christ, which has been no easy task. They have suffered significantly from multiple issues, which include the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Malaria, war, famine, a sound system used for crusades that was recently stolen, Post Election Violence and Tribal Fightings that have left approximately 250,000 homeless and hundreds dead, the city’s struggles with drug dealers, prostitutes, thugs, alcoholics and witch doctors, the scarcity of food, water and medical supplies that have caused children below the age of five to die daily from Malaria, and the Muslim persecution against Christians, especially in Northern Kenya. Then, in the same year, both of Pastor Ken’s parents and father-in-law passed away. These past three years of ministry have been trying and tragic, and yet, they still have their head lifted high, serving the LORD Jesus Christ with all of their hearts, soul, mind and strength. Today, God has graced us with the opportunity to team up with this phenomenal ministry and bless them in the work they are doing for the Kingdom of God!

Esther’s House Project

At this time, due to the church’s financial status, only five children are in their orphanage, which is connected to Pastor Ken’s home. We have agreed to team up with Pastor Ken in order to make his vision for an orphanage come alive like never before in our plan called the “Esther’s House Project”. Pastors Ken and Grace have a desire of purchasing three hectors of land, which is equivalent to 7.5 acres, and building four homes. Each home would be able to house 12-15 children, and parents would be placed over the home, which would be a God-fearing couple who has more than likely have had children who have already grown up, or are incapable of having children. It costs $6,000 per hector, which is $18,000 in total. The home, which has five bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and all of the house furnishings, would cost approximately $35,000 per home. The land will consist of livestock and a garden in order to provide for the children and families who will be in the community. This vision is truly alive, and we believe in God for its full provision in order to keep children off of the streets, food on their table, and award them with an education that will shake the nations with the power of God!

The Feeding Program

Multiplied thousands are left abandoned and starving from the Post Election Violence and Tribal Fightings, something that is still effecting the nation of Kenya today. Every Wednesday and Saturday, Jubilee Harvest provides food to over 150 people, which will grow because of drought and fighting.

Harvest Academy

Beginning in 2003, Harvest Academy has educated children in secular knowledge, as well as the fundamental principles of God’s Word in a Christian environment. It started with thirteen students, but now has eighty-five, covering the grade levels K-5th. The vision is to build the Harvest Education Centre, which will range from the nursery to the high school. They desperately need the finances to purchase the land and build the facility. The Academy currently has 14 full-time workers in the school, and they need more money to hire additional teachers, purchase a bus to transport students, and help pay for students’ tuition who cannot afford to go.

Crusades for Christ

Through ministering in Crusades in the nation of Kenya and throughout the continent of Africa, Jubilee Harvest has seen thousands come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Added to all of the war, famine and persecution from the Islamic fascists, all of the sound system that was used in this ministry was stolen from them. This includes speakers, keyboards, microphones, amplifiers, mixing boards, guitars, overhead projectors, generators, computers and phones, which totaled over $7000! They still have a voice for the gospel and refuse to allow their adversary to keep them silent, and we must continue to support them and pray that God will lift the bands of persecution so the gospel can be preached more freely on the streets of Kenya!

Kenya Missions Trip

On May 13th, 2012 our missionary team flew out of Atlanta to head to the horn of Africa, where we took our first missionary trip to Eldoret of the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. While here, we ministered God’s Word ten times over a five-day span. We had the honorable privilege to minister in two different churches connected to Jubilee Harvest Ministries, which oversees approximately five different churches at this time. We also visited their orphanage and school, where we would do a feeding for over 300 hungry children. Most importantly, we were able to win souls to Jesus Christ! We also fed starving children who were homeless, abandoned and living on the streets. We traveled to Africa hoping to change lives when, in reality, it changed ours, forever humbling us to know how blessed we truly are in America! Those images and memories we shall never forget!

We hope that in due season we will be financially capable of again traveling to the nation of Kenya to minister God’s Word, and we are praying that the stronghold of Somalian terrorism would be pushed back off of these Christian Kenyans and hopefully they themselves will also be won for the glory of God! If you would like to see pictures from the Missions Trip, be sure to go to the Media Page and find our photo album. It is sure to be a blessing to your life!

Success in Kenya

Since we have been connected to this Kingdom-minded ministry, we have had several successes in helping Jubilee Harvest proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ into a poverty-stricken community and culture. We have:

(1) restored musical equipment that had previously been stolen from their church; as a result, they were able to hold their first crusade in a long time, which concluded in the salvation of at least 205 people!

(2) feed hundreds of hungry children monthly

(3) dug a well so children at the school can have pure water

(4) supplied sports equipment (new soccer balls, footballs, etc.) to the children

(5) taken a team of five and make a missions trip to Eldoret, where we ministered to hundreds of people and seen souls saved by the precious blood of Jesus Christ through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God

(6) sustained several children in the orphanage who had previously been abandoned by family members and loved ones

(7) given Bibles to those who have none

(8) built on extra rooms for the school, as it had grown and became more congested

(9) paid off the $10,000 debt that was owed on the land, sustaining the ministry of Jubilee Harvest Ministries for good

We believe that as we continue to work together with Pastors Ken and Grace that we will be able to support them in their vision to reach multitudes of souls who eternally hang in the balance. We also are trusting God to not only provide all of their needs, but also to restore Kenya back to His perfect glory, breaking the bonds of Islamic terrorism and exalting the name of Jesus Christ in this nation like never before!

How Can I Help?

You may never be able to step foot in the great city of Eldoret and see those beautiful, precious people, but you can still make a difference. Your donations and support financially can change a life forever, leaving an imprint that they will never forget. Here are some of the possible ways that you can be a tremendous help in this Kenya Missions Project:

(1) The Esther’s House Project is our greatest goal that we have in mind. Any donation of any size will help us towards giving many children a hope and a future like never before!

(2) The children suffer greatly from poverty, and many of them wear the same outfit every single day, which has holes. The government of Kenya has set regulations for the school to wear school uniforms. However, most of the children cannot afford to wear the exact clothes that are required by the school system. Our second mission here is to provide all of these children their school uniforms. For an entire outfit, which includes clothes from head to toe and shoes, the cost in American money is $33.50. We ask that you pray concerning helping us to make this possible for all of these wonderful children!

(3) Your love gift of $30 a month can provide learning material, food and salary for the teachers of the institution.

(4) Your love gift of $100 a month will adopt a child by catering their food, housing, clothing and transportation to school.

(5) Your love gift of any size can be placed towards purchasing a bus for transporting the students, sound system and equipment, food to the hungry, clothing to the naked and shelter over the homeless, aiding children in the orphanage and assisting in providing the children in Eldoret the education they need.

(6) Your donation of any size can permit Skywatch Ministries to send ambassadors for the Kingdom of God into this region of Kenya and minister the gospel in churches and crusades, train men and women in a Bible School, and host a basketball camp for the children in the orphanage and Harvest Academy.


Whatever your love gift may be, know that it will be fully used for the Kenya Missions work. No strings attached! However you desire for this money to be spent, be sure to let us know via email or by writing it down on the memo of your check. If you wish to donate through PayPal, be sure to click on the PayPal button on this page and type out the amount you wish to send. If you desire to mail a check, our mailing address is on the Contact page on this website. We appreciate your prayers and financial support in this missionary work, and may God continue to bless you as you have blessed the Kingdom of God!